Horeca Partner

Spices and Herbs, Seasoning, Marinade, Dried Vegetables, Flavors, Starch & Flour, Proteins, Creamers, Sprinkle, Thickener, Concentrate, Ketchup, Sauce, Dressing, Mayonaise, Predust, Batter & Breeder, Coating, Bread Crumb, Instant Soup, Mesh Potato, Instant Sauce, Filling, Syrup, topping Powder, Liquid base, Puree, Rice Seasoning, Frozen Concentrate, Frozen Chicken, Fish and Meat, Demiglace, Chicken Powder,
Beef Powder, Garlic, Onion and Other Herbs Powder, Instant Cheese Sauce & Filling, Peanut Butter, Peanut Indonesian Salad Sauce, Steak Rub with various taste: Tomato, Hot Spicy, Pepper, Indonesian Herbs, Italian Herbs, Black Pepper, Tom Yam, Szechuan, Sweet & Sour, Cha Shiu, Tom Yam Concentrate, Smoky Barbeque, Bolognase base, Rendang Base,
Toasted Balado, Chicken, Beef, Honey, Pizza & Sadas ets.

Brands: Grifith, Horeca Partner, Spico, Zlatos

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